Sunday, November 3, 2013

Early Teens Underthings

Huzzah!  There's another HSF challenge that I can do!  Here's my submission for #23: Gratitude.  It's an early 1910's chemise.  Who am I grateful to?  Lauren from Wearing History for her totally fab tutorial on lace insertion!

For the pictures, I decided to wear a black tank top under the chemise (a) so that my grandmother can read this blog, and (b) to make the insertion and tucks easier to see.

The Challenge: #23: Gratitude
Fabric: 100% cotton
Pattern: Past Patterns 9206: Ladies' and Misses' Dart-Fitted Princess Slip: Circa 1910-1912.  I made the knee-length version, and didn't sew the darts to make it a chemise, rather than a slip.
Year: 1910-1913
Notions: Thread, lace, self bias-tape to attach the ruffle
How historically accurate is it? I think it's pretty gosh darn accurate except for my not-so-straight tucks.  It's also a bit light on silly frills; I'll just be a middle-class Edwardian
Hours to complete: 4
First worn: This photoshoot, not sure when I'll get around to wearing it in front of actual humans
Total cost: Fabric: $9.00, lace: $12.00

I made the corset back in the summer, so it doesn't qualify for the HSF, but I wanted to give credit to Jo at Bridges on the Body, for hosting the 1911 corset sew-a-long, which is where I got the pattern.

The tank's built-in bra was fighting with the corset, so I couldn't lace it up properly.  Hence the wrinkly top.


  1. Lovely chemise (and corset!)! I love the shape of the 19-teens corsets, but have yet to make one for myself. Nice job! :)


    1. Thanks! I can't recommend strongly enough the Bridges on the Body sew-a-long - it was incredibly helpful (and free!)