Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mending a Corset

New Year.  New HSF.  And I'm most pleased that I was able to act on Resolve #1 so soon!  My early teens corset, needed some help: a couple of grommets had come loose and it was hideous plain.  So for Challenge #1, I repaired the grommets and added some lace across the top.

The Challenge: #1: Make do & Mend
Fabric: 100% cotton twill and cotton lace
Year: 1911-1915
Notions: Thread, lacing, grommets, lace
How historically accurate is it? Still a bit plain for this period, but much better with the addition of the lace.
Hours to complete: The mending: 1.5, the original construction: 4
First worn: Last year's Costume College
Total cost: The lace was in a bag full of trims at the Bargain Basement at CC, so probably around 9 cents for the mending!

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