Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gloves part 5

Wrapping up the leather gloves:

This first pair is pretty much the standard leather glove, so I'll let you enjoy the pictures without my rambling.

This last pair is notable because it's, well, bad. Some of this is due to wear and tear, but some of it is due to poor materials and sloppy construction.

The holes that the needle made when creating the pin-tuck effect on the back have stretched, so that now they lie flat.

The fingers are very crooked. This could just mean that they don't fit my hands, but considering that these were the same woman's gloves and all the others fit at least adequately, that is unlikely.

The thumb has also stretched out so that it is much longer than any human thumb.

Tearing at the gussets.

Stretching along the cuff. A lot of the gloves have this, though, so I can't blame the glove-makers too much - BB must have just pulled too hard on her gloves.

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