Saturday, September 17, 2011

Gloves postponed...but some other exciting things instead!

While photographing the last of the vintage glove collection I discovered that some of them had the name "K. Krafft" written inside, meaning that they belonged to my very own mama! (Or possibly my aunt-by-marriage - there are many Kathys in my family, but since they were in the house where my mom lives, I think it's safe to assume that they're mom's gloves.)

Then I uploaded the photos to my computer, erased them from my camera and rearranged my photo folders because it was all a little crazy. Unfortunately, in this suffle I managed to lose the pictures I had just taken, so I'll have to retake them. To make up for this, I have a) an announcement and b) other pictures

Announcement: inspired by Beth of V is for Vintage, I got a Pinterest account!

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Right now I've got boards on every decade from 1770s through 1950s (unfortunately the early 19th century is still a bit skimpy) and a couple of theme boards.

Alternate pictures: To satisfy your photo lust, here are some of the photos (mostly featuring clothing) that I took in Japan last January.

Some posters for the Bunraku (puppet) theater in Osaka:

An adorable little girl in a kimono on the island of Miyajima:

Miyajima is also the home to small deer who will eat just about anything (a paper box here):

A statue of a conductor a Bugaku orchestra:

A lovely dusting of snow on the mountains by Kyoto:

An example of "house slippers" (in Japan all outdoor shoes are left just inside the door and replaced with these):

One of the lovely kimono that Jonni (who kindly let my mother and I stay with him) had acquired during his time in the suburbs of Kyoto. This one is embroidered, although there are several methods for decorating kimono:

Koto players and a flower arranger at Gion Corner, Kyoto:

A real Bugaku conductor:

Two adorable maiko (geisha in training):

A promo poster for a Kabuki play (those are all men):

The mascot of the Kyoto Prefecture, an aristocratic silk worm larva, or as I like to call him, my new best friend:

Some cosplayers in Kobe:

January 15th is "Coming of Age Day" when all the people are who turning 20 that year (including me!) officially become adults. Most people celebrate by dressing up and going to Shinto shrines. I didn't get many photos because I felt a bit creepy taking pictures of random people:

Mama and I did get to a Kabuki (which was possibly the best thing ever - let me just say one of the characters is an Evil Flying Earth Spider Courtesan). I obviously couldn't take photos of the performance, so here is the poster:

Some amazing Chinese acrobats in Ueno Park, Tokyo:

Some Kabuki costumes in a museum:

And now the grand finale: a Kimono Fashion Show at a textile museum/factory in Kyoto (where I could oggle kimono and not feel creepy at all!)


  1. OMG I totally need a noble silk worm larvae friend! What a fabulous idea!

  2. You might enjoy this video:

    It was made for the 300th anniversary of the Kyoto Prefecture. At 0:46 you can see my lovely cousin for works in Kyoto (and was also my excuse to do all of this exciting travelling!)