Saturday, September 10, 2011

Gloves part 4

The rest of the gloves in the box were left loose, so I have divided them into groups of leather and knit. For this part, I'm back at college, hence the change of background color and the annoying shadows. Here are the leather pairs:

This pair is of quite thick greyish tan leather, suede side out. All the stitches are on the outside, and it has about the same pattern as the first pair of gloves (the black ones) in this series.

It has a unique decoration: two rows of pin-tucks going around the bottom and a short section just on the outside center. These are not always evenly spaced; it seems like perfection is often ignored in glove-making.

The stitches are not quite as large as the ones on the long black pair.

The usual wedge piece in the gusset.

The two gussets and front and back all meet at a point.

Printed on the inside there seems to be "Daurevy," but the last few letters are quite obscured.

The inside of the left glove gives the size and style, and another print from the manufacturer. The top line in illegible, though it looks like it begins with an "F" and ends with a "d." The bottom line is "Haute-Couture."

There is another stamp from the manufacturer; I think is says "WASHABLE SKIN," however, I can only read the first two letters of the top line.

This pair had become too stiff for me to put on. It is interesting to note that the leather around the heel of the hand and base of the thumb remained fairly soft and pliable.

That gusset we've come to know and love.

This is unusual: there is a seam in the gusset, but it is not turned to the inside. Instead, one side overlaps the other.

The cut of the thumb is much less angular than you normally see.

I've seen this on a couple of other pairs: the side of thumb is sewn with the back-side overlapping the palm-side, but for the tip, both sides are turned in.

Overlapping side seam.

A number, probably 10, althought it could be 70.

The size: 7 1/2, and the word "LAVABIL" probably the maker of the glove.

Another random number.

This pink pair has several anomalies. The leather side is out, suede side in.

All the seam allowances are turned in and appear to be done by machine.

Both a wedge and a seam in the finger gusset (that one's not so strange.)

The front and back pieces meet, cutting off the gusset (and getting quite dirty. It seems like these may have been a favorite pair and were used more.)

Here's something crazy: they're lined! with a synthetic knit. This was probably necessary because the leather of the gloves in extremely thin.

Both layers are turned in the sewn together for the side seam. You can also see a little hole that appears to be burned, but it doesn't show on the leather layer.

And the size: 7 1/2.

The rest of the leather gloves will be up soon.

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