Monday, August 29, 2011

Gloves part 3

This next set I'm calling the "Bag Gloves" because they were in a large plastic bag and they were quite similar so I only took details of one pair.

These off-white gloves are almost identical to the black gloves in the first gloves post. They are somewhat thick kid leather, suede side out. They have the same detail on the back of the hand, all seam allowances on the outside, sewn by hand.

This says "B. Gould 40." I can only assume that 40 refers to the year she bought them.

In the bag, there were two other identical pairs - one had stiffened so I could not get them on.

There was another pair that was slightly longer and without the three rows of decorative stitching.

The size.

To me, this looks like "Gould, DENNEIR 16" but I'm probably wrong because that makes no sense.

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