Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fashion Plates and Hair Experiments

Last night when I was about to go crazy from making a gazillion stiches on my chemise, I tried some 1790's hairstyles. My hair works well for this era, and by that I mean it's kinda curly and kinda messy. So, I started with a narrow scarf, and then threw some pins around.

First, some of my inspiration images:
Portrait des soeurs Frankland, John Hoppner, 1795

Unknown Lady, 1795, from the Victoria & Albert Museum

And here's me (yes, I do have a scarf that matches my bathrobe)

And here are the promised fashion plates. This pair have been in the family forever and currently hang on the Pictoral Tribute to Jane Austen wall. Unfortunately, this means that I have no idea what publication they're from.

I like how you can really see the changes in fashion in these plates. The first one still looks very transitional/directoire (whatever you want to call it), while the second one is destinctly regency, even though it's just one year later.

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