Monday, August 29, 2011

Gloves part 2

Continuing on to what I call the "Box Gloves." These four pairs were in their own box:

With some useful advice!

Here is a white knit pair. The usual side seam is not present, but there is instead a flat felled seam going from between the little and ring fingers to the button.

Most seams are on the outside.

A bit of mending

This pair also has seams in the gussets between each finger.

Another view of a gusset seam.

The facing on the inside around the button hole. These stitching, as well as the flat felled seam and the whipstiches around the bottom appear to be done by hand, while the stitches around the fingers were probably done by machine.

Another knit pair. They were probably once white, but now they are quite dull. They are sewn entirely by machine.

The thumb is attachted with the main glove overlapping the thumb piece and the edges left to fray. The space between the two rows of stitching is uneven in several places.

There are no seams at all in the gusset.

The front and back of the glove fingers do not touch, so there is one continuous gusset running from the tip of the little finger to the tip of the index finger. The seam of the gusset and palm is turned in, while the seam of the gusset and back is like the thumb seam: the main overlapping the gusset.

A detail of the bow

You can just see a very faint blue "B," presumably for "Beatrice"

The inside of the glove, showing the piping along the bottom, with is self fabric cut perpendicular to the main part of the glove. You can also see the knot of the stitch holding down the decorative bow.

These gloves are very fine kid leather, with the leather side out, suede side in.

Like the black gloves there is decorative stitching along the back, this time in three double rows.

Thumb attachment is identical to the previous pair.

The backstitching on the side seam.

The gusset is in 6 pieces, with seams between each finger and the two main parts of the glove touching, cutting off the gusset.

Between the fingers.

There is a little stretching at the opening.

Another knit pair. Most of the stitching is done my machine.

This thumb is much simpler than the others. It is a rough oval, without the "zig-zag" that most gloves have along the webbing between the thumb and index finger.

There are several tiny runs in the knit.

These have one contiuous gusset.

There is a bit of elastic, a little over an inch long, on the inside of the wrist.

The interior of the side seam.

The interior of the rhinestone decoration. You can also see the whipstitching which is almost invisible from the outside.

Let me know if you want any more details - either photos or information.

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