Friday, August 19, 2011

"What If I Were..." Project

The American Duchess has put up a tutorial on making antique-looking photographs - you should definitely check it out: I was completely inspired, but I lack both photo-taking and photo editing skills. So here is my attempt at a late 20's photograph. The inspiration photo is of a relatively young Fay Wray:

Here's my original picture:

Then flipped:

Now cropped, made black and white, and very slightly sepia'd:

Finally, I added a very pale yellow vignette (because I couldn't add a border with picnik), a bit of fading on my hair, and the text:

Then I was bored and tried the pencil-drawn effect, just for fun:


  1. Perfect!! The white matte effect is a great effect for the 1920s, too, very good choice :-) You've got "The Face" for vintage photos :-)

  2. Thank you! I was very excited to see that Fay Wray also has little wisps of hair around her face. They normally get in the way of my vintage hair-do's, but here they were great.