Monday, August 15, 2011

Up Next: 1790s

I've starting planning/working on a late 1790's morning ensemble. This started with me falling in love with Janet Arnold's 1795-1800 half robe.

However, since this is my first Regency (well, close enough) dress, I need to start from the skin out. I've started putting together a chemise - no pattern, I'm just using rectangles and the occaisional reference to the shift in "Costume Close-up" from the Colonial Williamsburg (or as we at William and Mary say "C-dubs") collection. Then it's onto Past Pattern's Partially Boned Transitional Stays. I'm not sure about the round gown, but I've got time since I'm determined to do this all by hand. Yeah, we'll see how long that conviction lasts...

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